Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are You Getting Tired of Being Outbid?

The Currently Frustrating First Time Buyer Landscape It has been an amazing transformation in the housing market - multiple offers scenarios are back in a major way, primarily on lower-end price ranges. Just a few months ago, it seemed there were 20 listings for every willing home buyer.

Not any more.

Today, first time buyers are FRUSTRATED when they make an offer and lost in the piles of offers, which in some cases are 30, 40 even 70 other offers! And within those offers, many of the would-be buyers are investment groups, buying with cash. It's big money squeezing out the smaller money. Just like that. First time buyers are getting boxed out.

This is frustrating when you think of the psychology of the today's first time buyer. They're overcoming quite a lot of fear and uncertainty after watching the devastation that has hit the housing marketplace in the past few years. Is now the time? Think of the nerves this requires! And on top of that, there's a sense that these buyers deserve a shot, since they weren't a contributing factor in this whole messy episode in the first place. Right or wrong, I can understand that feeling.


Get Ready For a New Resource

Fannie Mae's "First Look" program is about to come online. Fannie Mae has a large inventory of foreclosure homes, just what the investor groups are after. But that's also what a lot of first time buyers see as good price opportunities. Here's how First Look is going to help:

* reducing deposit requirements to as little as $500
* renegotiate offers after appraisals
* up to 45 days to complete transaction, up from usual 30 days

Fannie Mae's intent is to provide easier access to this inventory for owner occupants. This is not restricted to first time buyers, but it will absolutely affect that sector of the market if the program comes around as intended.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

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